Street Fighter IV: Fixing the Unblockables

March 22, 2013 | 10 Comments

In case you haven’t seen recently, Capcom has announced (via the ever so charasmatic Combofiend) that they are planning to create a new balance patch to Super Street Fighter IV: AE 2012.  And this time, they are taking user feedback on how to tweak the characters.  While taking user feedback is a dangerous prospect, I’m...

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Last week’s live shows have now been made available as videos on demand on YouTube and as downloadable mp3s on Mediafire! In First Attack, James discussed one of the most important categories of moves in fighting games: the uppercut! You can find an audio-only mp3 version here. In Level 3 Focus, David talked about how you...

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Building a Community: A Conversation

March 7, 2013 | 22 Comments

(Photo taken from the Win Loss Gaming website) Had a very interesting conversation on Twitter yesterday with Glen “TehFamine” Swan (@TehFamine).  It was a debate about what course of actions smaller Fighting Game Communities can to gain more exposure.  The debate basically was between the ideas that the communities themselves need to step their games...

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Are We There Yet?

March 1, 2013 | 11 Comments

(Photo courtesy of Karaface.) Professional gaming has undoubtedly come a long way from even just a few years back. With games like League of Legends pulling in huge numbers for live streams and Evo growing with record number of viewers year after year, it feels like to those of us involved that competitive video gaming...

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New First Attack and Tuesday February 25-26 2013

February 28, 2013 | 0 Comments

Yay, this week’s First Attack and Tuesday have now been uploaded to YouTube! In First Attack, James answers questions from viewer emails, tweets, and Facebook messages about various topics and helps people understand how to perform certain combos. On Tuesday, David and James go over the amazing success Skullgirls has had with community fundraising, talk about...

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Audio-only Versions of the Tuesday Show

February 20, 2013 | 0 Comments

We know some people can’t or don’t want to watch the audiovisual form of our shows live on Twitch or later YouTube. We get requests for mp3 versions all the time! But what you might not know is that  our friend Michael aka Mike3640 has been converting each episode of the Tuesday Show into audio files since...

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We’ve finally gotten all our First Attack, Lv3 Focus, and Tuesday show episodes from last week, February 11-212, up onto your YouTube channel! First up is First Attack Season 2 Episode 4, in which James introduces the basics and important ideas behind defense in fighting games: In Lv3 Focus Season 2 Episode 4, David talks...

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Three Support Options!

February 7, 2013 | 0 Comments

We at UltraChenTV work hard to support the fighting game community. We hope you appreciate our efforts! We also hope that you might be interested in lending us a bit of a helping hand. We’re not looking for much, just a little bit of financial backing to allow us to continue doing what we’re doing....

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We Need You!

January 28, 2013 | 4 Comments

Hello and welcome to our new website,! We’re really happy to finally have this thing off the ground. It’s taken quite a bit of work, but we’ve built a site that we think can meet all your UltraChen and UltraChenTV needs. Here’s a quick tour! On our Home slash Blog page (which you’re currently...

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Welcome to’s Blog Page

January 14, 2013 | 0 Comments

Hello!  How’s everybody going? James Chen, here.  It’s no secret that both David and I are very opinionated people who very rarely hold back when we speak our mind.  Here, with this UltraChenTV blog, this will now give us both a venue where we can both give everyone our thoughts on current topics of the...

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