What Is UltraChenTV?

Welcome to UltraChenTV.com, home of UltraChenTV! Created by the duo of David “UltraDavid” Graham and James “jchensor” Chen, UltraChenTV is a series of streams and videos with very specific goals:

  • Help players understand fighting games better
  • Help grow the fighting game community
  • Spread our love for fighting games

Both UltraDavid and jchensor are well-known fighting game commentators, having appeared at major tournaments across North America. Between them they have a combined 30 years of experience playing, teaching, commentating, and organizing in the fighting game community.

Here on UltraChenTV.com, you can tune into live shows, get insights on hot topics, see archives of previous shows, find links to other fighting game community websites and media, give us financial support, and more. Thanks for visiting and make sure to come back often for new content and updates!

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UltraDavid: David was a decent player for a while, became very good for a short time, and ended up back at decent. His in-game creativity, openness, and ease of explanation have made him one of the most influential people in fighting games.

James Chen: James has played fighting games since Street Fighter II was first released. With his penchant towards scientifically breaking down game systems and strategies, he has remained invaluable to the community through his in-depth FAQs, creative combo videos, tutorial videos, and articles.