Street Fighter V Beta Thoughts with Guest Olaf Redland

Published On February 3, 2016 | By UltraChen | Uncategorized

Just after the last Street Fighter V Beta servers went offline, UltraDavid welcomed friend of the show Olaf Redland onto the show to wrap up their thoughts. Find the playlist here:

Randoms: Street Fighter V Beta Chat with Olaf Redland

Randoms S5 Ep5, 2015 01-31: Mike aka Olaf Redland had the great idea for a wrap-up reaction show at the conclusion of the last Street Fighter V Beta! Thanks to him for the idea and for coming on UltraChenTV to do it. In Part 1, he and David discuss their thoughts on each of the characters in the SFV Beta. In Part 2, they talk about about upcoming characters, new alternate costumes, the net code, Mortal Kombat X, Evo, and more.

Check out Olaf on Twitter and Twitch!

For an audio-only episode, check out the Soundcloud upload or our iTunes page.

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