Killer Instinct World Cup Preview!

Published On January 29, 2016 | By UltraChen | EX Special, Killer Instinct, Randoms

Yesterday we welcomed Sajam onto the show to help us talk about this coming weekend’s Killer Instinct World Cup! Click this link for the whole playlist:

EX Special: Killer Instinct World Cup Preview

EX Special S5 Ep1, 2016 01-27: The first Killer Instinct World Cup is happening this coming weekend, January 30-31 2016! In this special episode, UltraDavid and James welcome Steve aka Sajam onto the show to introduce the event. In Part 1, they discuss a brief overview of the event before refreshing viewers on the gameplay in Killer Instinct. In Part 2, they talk about players to watch. In Part 3, they analyze a recent example match and Steve gets half of the worst high five ever!

And if you’d rather have an audio version, well, here ya go!

Thanks to Steve for coming over to help us. Check out his YouTube channel as well!

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