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Published On January 14, 2016 | By UltraChen | Uncategorized

We’re back into the swing of things for 2016! We’ve put out a couple cool things already this year.

First up, you can find our first regular news & discussion type Tuesday Show here:

Tuesday: FGC News Potpourri

Tuesday Show S5 Ep2, 2015 01-13: It’s been a few weeks since David and James did a regular ol’ newsy ol’ Tuesday Show, and a lot has happened since then! In this episode, they just cover random news, not necessarily in any order. Part 1 covers CoOperation Cup and Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Luffy leaving Meltdown, Killer Instinct changes, KI World Cup, Tusk, combo assist mode, Woshige working on Street Fighter V, Frosty Faustings community pots, a coming Street Fighter V event in Las Vegas, and CEO games lineup. In Part 2, the guys discuss Activision’s active acquisition of MLG, Lord Knight’s articles, Doopliss’s new combo video, a Sin tutorial in Guilty Gear Xrd, a new tournament in Arizona called Undefeated, Red Bull Kumite 2016, Umehara Daigo being a total mensch, an Amaterasu statue that James loves, Marvel yankin Capcom’s animations, Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack 2, Street Fighter V being playable at GameStop, and a KI Season 3 exhibition at KI Cup. Part 3 has new Samurai Shodown news, Evo announcing an announcement of its games lineup and hotel announcement, Esteban Martinez’s FGC: Rise of the Fighting Game Community documentary, a correction to our top player of the year, Kumite in Tennessee, Genesis 3, AGDQ, & more.

And here are the audio version links:

Also, check out our most recent Delayed Hyper Commentary on an incredible Street Fighter III: Third Strike Set between Kuroda’s Q and Tominaga’s Makoto!

DHC: Third Strike, Kuroda (Q) v Tominaga (Makoto) FT10

Delayed Hyper Commentary S5 Ep1, 2016 01-10: More commentary over Street Fighter III: Third Strike master Kuroda! As before, he played a series of first-to-ten sets a year or two ago against some top level players using a variety of his own characters. This time he played against Tominaga, a strong Makoto player. Great set!

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