The 2015 UCTV Awards!

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UltraChenTV is back from our short holiday hiatus for Season 5 in 2016! Honestly, we never thought we would make it this far, but we’re very glad we have!

Tuesday: The 2015 UCTV Awards!

With the new year comes our retrospective for the old year, and with that comes our UCTV awards for 2015! We honor finalists in a number of fighting game community categories. In Part 1, we go over our fighting game Player of the Year, Match of the Year, and Game of the Year. In Part 2, we cover Event of the Year, Story of the Year, and FGC Member of the Year. Part 3 closes with Newcomer of the Year, the Random Select Award, and the guys’ Personal FGC Resolutions for 2016.

And here are the links to the audio versions:

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