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Earlier today, former 3S Evo top 8 placer & now game designer Mike Z put up a list of theoretical changes to a theoretical update to Street Fighter III: Third Strike. I think most of them are cool, although I do think some go a bit too far. I thought it would be fun to put up my own list of changes, but I’ll keep this brief. Find below my ideas for changes to the game engine overall & then to Q in particular!

Game Engine
-Throwing projectiles builds meter, & no meter is gained for parrying a projectile: part of the unique character of 3S is the emphasis of footsies over projectile zoning, buuut, come on
-Canceling out of parry stun into something acts as a special move in a combo for damage reduction purposes: the effect is to reduce damage dealt in any hit or combo after parrying, except where the parrier parries something with long enough recovery to avoid having to cancel the parry stun
-Standing jabs cannot be parried low: it’s always bugged me that standing jabs can be parried low
-I like Mike’s idea for charge partitioning

I’ve never felt like the game engine itself needed many changes. Slightly lessen the advantage for a successful parry and no longer actively discourage fireballs, and I’m pretty much satisfied.


Normals: safe on hit, just regularly punishable on block instead of wildly punishable, and create a couple more combo opportunities
-B+mk triggers closer in than now: currently there’s a range where pressing mk triggers b+mk but where b+mk isn’t yet in range to hit! That’s silly
-Cr lk recovery frames reduced to 6f from 8f: to make it 0 on block/hit instead of -2
-Cr mk recovery frames reduced to 12f from 14f: to make it 0 on hit instead of -2
-Cr mp recovery frames reduced to 12f from 13f: to make it 0 on hit instead of -1
-Cr hp active frames increased to 2 from 1, recovery reduced to 18f from 20f: to make it 0 on hit instead of -1
-B+hk starts out as only low-parryable, then in later frames becomes only high-parryable
-B+hk’s low attack starts a juggle & is cancelable for more frames: currently b+hk is cancelable & hits the opponent up, but for whatever reason the opponent can’t be hit by anything. I assume that’s a glitch, but in any case it’s dumb!
-St mp, st hp, & b+hp hitboxes extended down so characters can’t duck them: they’re useful buttons in matchups where they’re viable, really would help to always have them available
-B+hp is +5 on crouching hit, enough to link into SAI: I don’t think Q needs low confirms into super or anything, even just some situational buff into super like this would be great
-St hk startup reduced to 14f from 20f, recovery reduced to 20f from 28f: leaves it at -4 on block, still punishable by some supers but meh I don’t need the world over here
-St hp startup reduced to 15f from 18f, recovery reduced to 15f from 23f: this recovery buff keeps st hp punishable at bad ranges, but makes it safe on block at maximum range
-Cr hk recovery reduced to 18f from 33f: this makes it -10 on block instead of -25 heh, still punishable by everyone but no longer punishable by some characters dashing up first

Special moves: safer on block, create a couple more opportunities
-Hp dash punch block disadvantage reduced to -2 from -3: no more shippu punishes!
-Slaps recovery reduced to 21f/20f/23f from 26f/28f/28f: makes their block disadvantage -1/-1/-3. This alone would be huge for his mixups and footsies!
-Lp, mp, & ex slaps hitboxes extended down to hit all crouching opponents from the first hit: there’s no reason for slaps to whiff on some crouching characters
-Lp slaps given mp slaps’ animation and hitbox, third hit removed: slaps are red parry bait, so this is a way to combat that without being too silly about it
-Low dash punch recovery reduced to 24f/25f/26f from 29f/30f/31f: this will make them -8/-9/-10, still punishable by everyone but not as badly
-Lk capture & deadly blow startup reduced to 7f from 12f: some top players jump out of c&db on reaction, so removing that reaction for the version that leads to the least damage seems reasonable
-Mk capture & deadly blow damage reduced to 19 from 21, launches just like lk version, stun increased from 10 to 25: it’s always sad when the medium command grab is useless! This way, lk c&db is the fast but not damaging one, mk is the stunner but doesn’t do much damage, and hk is where the damage is, which I think is good

Super moves
-SAII is not throwable: one of Q’s supers should be unthrowable, and it makes sense to pick the faster, more damaging one I think
-SAII has more range, always does full damage if the first hit connects: I get sad when the first hit hits but the second whiffs 🙁 This also makes things like overhead dash punch into SAII more viable!
-SAIII loses the install and instead is just the hit or grab with their same frame data except that the grab can’t be jumped after the freeze: the install super is a bad idea for a primarily defensive character whose mobility options are all parry bait, but allowing dash punch xx SAIII hit and SAIII grab super mixups gives the super a real use without clearly out-prioritizing the other two


That might look like a lot of stuff, but it’s mostly cleaning up stupid things like buttons whiffing over half the cast, moves being so punishable that opponents can dash up first, important options being unsafe on hit, and super important options being punishable on block. I don’t think it’s interesting to give Q a cr lk/cr mk into super. My buffed b+hk would be a low option into super, but that’s kinda neat and unique at least, and it’s not hit confirmable. To me, more viable command grabs accomplish a similar purpose, but fit better with Q’s character. Overall, this Q would be basically the same character as the original one but with just enough buffs to his safety and mixups that he might be mid tier. That’s all I’ve ever asked for!

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