A Whole Bunch of Cool Street Fighter V Stuff!

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The last phase of the Street Fighter V Beta has come and gone! David and James got a ton of game time in, both in training mode and in actual play time against opponents online.

First up, David spent about 2.5 hours messing around with Zangief and a little bit of Ryu finding lots of cool new stuff!
Check out the whole training session here!
And here’s ashort clip of Zangief air grabbing Ryu right out of his wakeup dragon punch!

Next, David and James got together with their friend Kazmer to play the SFV Beta online!
The whole thing
Pt1: James plays Zangief
Pt2: David plays Dhalsim
Pt3: James plays Mika
Pt4: David plays Vega & Zangief
Pt5: James plays Zangief again
Pt6: David & Kazmer play Ryu
Pt7: James plays Mika again
Pt8: David plays Bison
Pt9: James & David play Cammy
Pt10: everyone plays Zangief… almost
Playlist of all of the above

During that play session, David had a chance to fight against Tool Assisted’s new Karin bot in SFV. He lost at first, but he started to figure things out by the end!
Check that out here.

Lastly, David found a very useful option select in SFV built on the crush counter mechanic called crush/no crush OS. This option select allows you to do a single normal attack and cancel it into one special move if the attack gets blocked or hits normally, and into another special move if the attack scores a crush counter.
The original proof of concept video using Dhalsim b+hp is here.
The updated more useful version of this OS using Ken’s st hp can be found here.

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